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ARROW – Vertical Deposition

Modular In-Line Vertical Sputtering System


The SCT in-line vertical/horizontal sputtering system is a high throughput modular design with a pallet size of between 6 and 48 inches, which allows for the addition of deposition, isolation and magazine load-lock chamber modules as specific process requirements demand.

When configured with load-locks, buffer chambers and operator load and unload stations, the SCT in-line sputter system is fully automated with continuous feed carriers for high throughput. The system has the capability of sputtering onto both sides of the substrate carriers simultaneously while providing the option of substrate backside heat through the middle of the two-sided pallet. Also multipass deposition is available.


It is a high performance system which utilizes widely available, long lasting, high quality components.

Programmable High Vacuum System Controller with Data Logging Capabilities

SCT provides as standard a PLC control system which includes ladder logic software with any custom programming for the SCT Arrow. The operator/engineer computer interface includes a touch screen display, HMI, and all custom software programming. The control system also can perform data logging of all key process variables.

Custom Features

All of SCT’s systems are built to customer specifications, making each system unique. Our engineering department can make any desired modifications to the basic design so that we can provide you with a fully documented custom system tailored to your specific requirements.

Here are some of the features which are available:

  • Cassette-to-cassette robotic substrate handling
  • Dual substrate pallets with central substrate heater for dual sided deposition and heating
  • RF etching
  • RF or DC substrate bias
  • Ion beam cleaning
  • Reactive deposition
  • Through-the-wall clean room installation
  • Load and unload from one end of the system to minimize clean room space and use only one robot arm
  • Total automation; no need for human intervention under normal conditions

Load-Lock Modules and Carrier Load/Unload Stations

The load-lock modules and load and unload stations allow for continuous automatic, atmosphere-to-atmosphere processing of carriers through the system. The carriers are automatically fed into the load-lock entrance, then through the pumping chamber, and into the deposition chamber.

The addition of the pumping chamber allows for pallets to be positioned in the deposition chamber a mere few inches from each other, thereby optimizing throughput.

Deposition Module

The deposition chamber can be configured with RF and DC cathodes, on one or both sides of the pallet, in whatever numbers necessary to complete the process in one pass. The modularity of the Arrow also allows for the addition of more cathodes as processes change and throughput demands increase.
Each opposing pair of cathodes has its own power supply and cryopump.