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CHA Industries uses a vertical sealing plane on all valves. This design is particularly important on the high vacuum valve. Falling particles will not land on the sealing surface, keeping it leak tight. For less wear and greater reliability, the CHA high-vacuum valve has fewer moving parts than any other in the industry. It also has less surface area than is normally found in valves using a siding gate.

Custom CHA Vacuum Systems

A complete line of CHA equipment makes it easy to select custom systems to fit various vacuum applications and capital equipment budgets. Options range from manual to fully automatic, plus sources, heaters, and related process instrumentation.

CHA   SE-600

Evaporator system. 10.5 inch diameter stainless steel water cooled chamber. With basic pumping package and auto valve sequence controller.

CHA   SE-1000

Evaporator system. 25.5 inch diameter stainless steel water cooled chamber. With CTI-10 cryogenic pump, four pocket electron beam gun, 10 kW power supply, X-Y beam sweep, auto valve sequence controller.

CHA  Mark-50

Evaporator system. E-beam evaporation source, Airco-Temescal CV-14 power supply with X-Y beam sweep, Inficon IC-6000, auto valve sequence controller, diffusion pump. CTI Cryogenic pump optional.