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MRC 903

MRC 903 Refurbished
MRC 903 Refurbished

Dual Level Loadlock

A dual level loadlock facilitates two pallet operation. 15 x 15 inch pallets can be introduced into and removed from the system while maintaining process vacuum.

Single or Multi-Pass Deposition

Substrates coated via single pass method exhibit superior film quality and step coverage.

Process Flexibility

RF Magnetron, RF Diode and DC Magnetron capability exists at each cathode/target position for sputtering or evaporation. The system can be configured to meet your requirements.

Constant Source to Substrate Distance

Assures that the source material arrives at the substrate possessing relatively uniform energy so that the physical, electrical and adhesion characteristics of the film are consistent.

Substrate Flexibility

In addition to accommodating standard 2 and 3 inch, 100, 125, and 150 mm wafers, substrates of up to 1.5 inches in height can be easily processed. The machine is also readily adaptable ot fixturing for relative any three dimensional substrate.