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Custom Systems

A Custom System with Multiple Sources

  • Electron Beam Source
  • Wafer Therma/Sources
  • Resistance Thermal Sources
  • DC Sputter Source
  • RF Sputter Source
  • ION Beam Source
  • Effusion Cell Source
  • Laser Ablation Source

Optical Fiber Metallizing System


  • Pure evaporated metals with no possible electrolyte contamination
  • Low stress nickel solder barrier eliminates use of Platnimu or Palladium
  • Only precious metal needed is Gold
  • Solderable in hard and soft wolders
  • Tensile strength in excess of 200 KPSI
  • Customized metal layers available, e.g. Sn, Er, Ta
  • End and window strips of fiber ribbons available to meet customer requirements

Coating Specs

  • Tri-metal coating of Ti-Ni-Au
  • featuring low stress Nickel coatings
  • Ti layer ~0.01µ
  • Nickel layers 0.25-2.5µ (application specific)
  • Gold layer 0.5-1µ
  • >200Kpsi tensile strength
  • Metal length 5-25 cm
  • Glass length from window strip greater than 6 cm


The system uses a proprietary non line-of-sight process using Ti, Ni and Au for metallizing optical fibers. This technique yields uniform adherent layers of metal than withstands solder re-flow and maintain integrity of strength and has the advantage of depositing low stress Nickel films, alleviating the need for Platinum or Palladium for the solder “barrier” layer.