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The compact design, combined with high power density results in short cycle times.  Metal oxides, metal nitrides, transparent conductive oxides, carbides, pure metals and alloys can all be deposited using pure metal targets.  The optical properties exhibit minimum absorption and optimized refractive index.  Metals, metal oxides, carbides and nitrides can be deposited at high rates.

The CFM series of systems has been developed as a result of a continuing and intensive development program and offers an unrivalled combination of flexibility, reliability, controllability and ease of use. The systems are fully computer controlled as standard, enabling simple, accurate and repeatable processing without the need for constant supervision.


A summary of the four CFM system platforms are provided in the following table.

Coating SystemCFM450/2CFM650/4CFM850/6CFM1050
Drum diameter250mm424mm532mm700mm
Linear magnetron length410mm610mm1055mm1255mm
Magnetron width (target size)133mm133mm133mm133mm
Magnetron positions2468
Available coating area (±1%)1875 cm 25040 cm2 11,130 cm217,920cm2