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MRC Systems – 903  and  943

Truly the first generation of production in line sputtering systems. The first system was manufactured in 1972 with over one thousand shipped. Once considered the industry workhorse for applications ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to hard coating for cutting tools, this system was highly configurable for nearly any application but also robust and reliable for high volume production work. Materials Research Corporation (MRC) terminated its manufacture of the 903/943 system in 1986 so many companies have been offering rebuilds of these older machines. Today, SCT will manufacture a brand new replicant system, configure it for your application specific and support the machine throughout its life.

MRC 903

Three target in-line sputter system. Dual level Load-lock, CTI-8 cryogenic pump, RF/DC process, substrate heat and RF sputter etch station, PLC control. Shutter moveable or fixed, RF / DC Magnetron sputtering at any of the three available positions. DC bias capability.

MRC 943

Three target in-line sputter system. dual level load-lock and process chamber with each volume individually pumped with seperate CTI-8 cryogenic pumps, RF/DC process, substrate heat is available in the loadlock volume and RF etch.