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Temescal VES 2550
Temescal VES 2550

SCT offers a low-cost version of the popular VES-2550 evaporation system which was originally introduced by Temescal. The SCT-5000 incorporates the best available components, including Telemark e-beam components.

Manual Load Batch System Vacuum System Performance

The SCT-2550 pumps down from atmosphere into the 10-7 range in 10 minutes, to 5×10-7 torr in 30 minutes. The VES operates in the 10-6 range with, for example, a half an hour cycle time for 10,000 Å of Al. A 10″ CTI Cryogenics pump is mounted off a poppet valve and backed by a 53 cfm floor mounted mechanical pump (to eliminate vibration.) Manual load batch system.

Under the Chamber Lid

The water cooled, stainless steel, bell jar shaped lid is 25.5″ dia. by 12″ high. Under this spring assisted, finger touch lid is your choice of deposition fixtures, e.g., TP-8 angle of incidence domed rotary substrate carrier. High capacities of 162: 2″, 75: 3″, or 42: 4″ wafers per run at 30 minutes. Custom fixturing is available.

Electron Beam Source

Three electron beam sources can be mounted on the source tray for multimaterial simultaneous or sequential evaporation. The e-beam guns incorporate 270° beam deflection to increase filament life, permanent primary magnets to maintain the e-beam on the source, and built in lateral and longitudinal deflection coils to sweep the e-beam. An ion source can easily be installed for ion milling and etch.

Source Tray

Easy Access to the source tray (27.5″ dia.) is obtained by means of an hydraulic hoist. When lowered the tray swings outward 90°.

Automatic Valve Sequencer

Automatic system pump down is achieved at the push of a button. Key locked and manual modes makes switching between maintenance or production operation easy. Industrial PLC process control is optional. The operator then loads the substrates, pushes the start button, and allows the system to run any selected process automatically.