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ES-26C Load Lock Evaporator

System Control Technology has designed a high vacuum deposition system whose principal feature is its large source to substrate distance – 48 inches – which allows it to perform true liftoff on six inch substrates.

The Vector is a load lock box type evaporator completely enclosed in an electropolished stainless steel cabinet. The system is designed for easy integration into a clean room and allows easy access to all controls.

The Vector has been designed with flexibility in mind, and can accommodate a large variety of vapor deposition equipment deployed in custom configurations. The evaporation source chamber is maintained under high vacuum at all times. By doing this, we reduce substrate contamination during evaporation, and achieve higher evaporation rates as a result of vacuum degas of source material, resulting in a superior product.

Programmable High Vacuum System Controller with Data Logging Capabilities

SCT provides as a standard a GE Fanuc PLC industrial controller. This system includes ladder logic software with required programming for the SCT Vector. The operator/engineer computer interface includes a GE Fanuc Display Station 2000 (GE 15″ touch screen computer); GE “Cimplicity” HMI, or equivalent and all required software programming are also provided. The control system also performs data logging of all key process variables.

Deposition Sources

The electron beam gun is a new six-pocket (100cc) Telemark design. The source is designed to handle the kilowatt requirements to bridge the 48″ source to substrate distance necessary to perform 90˚ liftoff (±3˚) on 6″ wafers. The unique magnetic design of the gun prevents the beam from curling within the pocket as material is depleted during the deposition process, thereby preserving the same beam position at all times.

Substrate Fixture

A rotating dome designed to offer a fixed spherical radius to the deposition source is supplied with this system. It is a standard lift-off fixture that presents the substrates to the deposition stream at a precise 90˚ angle, ensuring proper deposition geometry. The liftoff fixture is driven by a crank arm engaging the center of the come, offset on precision ball bearings. This crank arm is attached to a feedthrough at the top of the chamber which, in turn, is connected to a DC motor controlled by the vacuum system controller. The dome is adjustable in height by adjusting its drive shaft and the bearing mounting fixture. The dome has a capacity of twenty-five (25) 6″ diameter wafers. Domes designed to carry other substrate sizes are also available. Blank disks with wafer clips can be supplied for broken or irregular shaped wafers.

Custom Features

All of SCT’s systems are built to customer specifications, making each system unique. Our engineering department can make any modifications requested by the client to the basic design so that we can provide a fully documented custom system, tailored to your specific requirements.