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Temescal FC-1800

Evaporator system. With CTI-8 cryopump, auto cryo regeneration, rod fed electron beam gun, 10 kW power supply, X-Y beam sweep, GP 307 vacuum gauge, GE programmable controller.

Temescal BJD 2400

Manual Load Batch System

Temescal VES 2550

Vacuum System Performance

The Temescal BJD 2400 vacuum system pumps down from atmosphere into the 10-7 range in ten minutes, to 2×10-7 torr in 30 minutes. The BJD operates in the 10-6 range with, for example, a half an hour cycle time for 10,000 Å of Al. An 8″ CTI Cryogenics pump is mounted off a 7.75″ I.D. poppet valve and backed by a floor mounted mechanical pump (to eliminate vibration.)

Under the Chamber Lid

The stainless steel, bell jar shaped lid is 18″ dia. by 9″ high. Under this spring assisted lid is your choice of deposition fixtures, e.g. TP-8 angle of incidence for lift-off process, the HSP for step coverage, or the TP-2 flat planetary for optical coating. Custom fixturing is available.

Electron beam gun
Electron beam gun
Temescal fixture
Temescal fixture

Electron Beam Source

A single or multicrucible electron beam source and/or filament assembly can be mounted on the source tray. All of Temescal’s e-beam guns incorporate 270° beam deflection to increase filament life, permanent primary magnets to maintain the e-beam on the source, and built in lateral and longitudinal deflection coils to sweep the e-beam.

Source Tray

Easy Access to the source tray (18″ dia.) is obtained by a handwheel jackscrew. When lowered the tray swings outward 90°.

Automatic Process Control

Industrial PLC process control can be incorporated into the BJD 2400. The operator then loads the substrates, pushes the start button, and allows the system to run the process automatically.