NEW! High Density RF Plasma Deposition System

High Density RF Plasma Deposition System

High Density RF Plasma Deposition System

This system incorporates patented plasma launch technology to generate a high density, highly energetic gas plasma. The technology allows high deposition rate, high yield sputtering of a range of elements, compounds and alloys, including the notoriously difficult ferromagnetic and dielectric materials. The system is also capable of very low rate deposition, while still maintaining excellent control of the product’s properties and characteristics.

Capable of generating stable plasma densities from 1010 to in excess of 1013 cm-3, ideally suited for plasma assisted deposition. SCT utilizes patented high density plasma deposition systems for

applications including:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Optical Telecoms
  • Semiconductors
  • Media Storage and Retrieval
  • Precision Optics
  • Research and Development

The systems are compact and can be customized to provide:

  • Up to 6 targets
  • Multiple substrates
  • High uniformity
  • Computer controlled recipes
  • Substrate cleaning in situ
  • UHV
  • Load lock
  • Substrate heating
  • Substrate plasma clean


  • 570mm x 420mm
  • RF Power Source 2.5Kw to5Kw
  • Rack mounted controls

Reactively deposited materials include

  • Alumina @ >300nm/min
  • Silica >150nm/min, RI : 1.46 – 1.5
  • Tantalum >220nm/min, RI : 2.1
  • Fe3O4 (reactively sputtered)
  • 600mm substrate coated from 100mm targets with high uniformity
  • High value coatings onto refractory discs
  • Titanium dioxide coated onto organic substrates

Process Characteristics

  • Low stress < 10Mpa
  • Dense films
  • Stable process: no feedback control
  • Low optical absorption
  • Grain size 3.6nm
  • Roughness 0.5nm
  • High rate from thick ferromagnetic targets
  • Control of magnetic properties
  • Control of deposition rates
  • Low film porosity
  • Excellent film adhesion and low stress
  • High Density Plasma Systems